We at Coastal Offroad don’t think that your aftermarket bumper wait time should be measured in months. Unfortunately, this is the case with many offroad armor producers. You give up your hard-earned money and are left waiting for a painfully long period of time that is vulnerable to even further delays. This puts your vehicle build on hold and can force you to miss wheeling trips.

At Coastal Offroad, we understand that when you pay for a product, you want it now. For this reason, all of our bumper kits ship within 3-10 business days with 2-day shipping !

Fully-fabricated bumpers can pose issues with delivery to residential addresses due to their size and weight. Our kits are compact in size and divided into individual bundles that can be shipped to any address type and are easily handled by one person!

We offer quick and inexpensive shipping within both Canada and the USA and since these fall under NAFTA/USMCA, you will not be charged any extra fees, taxes or duties upon receiving your order. What you see at checkout is all that you pay! What’s even better? Order multiple bumpers at once and receive great shipping discounts.

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