Customized Swing Out Carrier System

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These DIY weld-together swing out carrier kits come with everything you need to assemble and weld it on to your existing bumper or frame. When placing your order, please enter your vehicle year and model into the notes section and we will then customize the swing outs to suit your wheel lug pattern, vehicle width and bumper model. This swing out kit of course fits Coastal Offroad bumpers, but also will fit just about any tube or plate steel offroad rear bumper. We've also had many customers build an extension off of their vehicle's frame and then run these swing outs with a stock rear bumper for a lighter, more minimalist setup. We can also customize this kit to fit nearly any vehicle model - we've even made one for a Honda Element! The only requirement is a position to mount the swing out hinge bracket on either side of the tailgate of your vehicle. These swing out carriers come in pieces that are fully pre-cut, CNC-bent and pre drilled. All you need to do is weld the pieces together and install them on your vehicle!

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The swing out tire carrier comes in either a single or dual sided configuration and is built to accept a tire up to 37″ in diameter! Both carriers include mounting brackets for a hilift jack and other recovery items. The dual swing out includes the hilift mount as well as a lockable jerry can holder designed to fit two 20L NATO style jerry cans. We can also do all sorts of custom attachment options, some of which are shown in the product photos. We can also offer the swing outs as bare frames so you can build your own custom attachments to fit your own vision!

These carriers feature heavy duty chromoly heim joint hinges, 2000lb toggle latches, T-handle spring pins, and a replaceable UHMW catch pad that provides secure, rattle free operation. Every piece of hardware is sourced from either stainless steel or high quality plated steel for the best possible corrosion resistance, even in heavily salted winter environments. The heim joints in conjunction with the toggle latch provide tons of adjustability, allowing for easy assembly and guaranteed alignment of the carrier latch. This system provides a much more adjustable system than traditional bearing swing out hinges, which are fixed in position and prone to misalignment and sagging over time. We cannot tolerate saggy swing outs that have to be lifted into their closed position and neither should you! Our heim joint design provides a huge range of adjustability of the arm angle and height, guaranteeing alignment. To make assembly cleaner, faster and more precise, this kit uses laser-cut and CNC-formed plate and tubing pieces. The single swing out add-on weighs 34lbs and the dual swing out add-on with gas can holder weighs 77lbs.

The swing outs have built in stops that prevent them from swinging all the way into the body as well as a locking pin for the closed position as a secondary safety, but do not have locking mechanisms for the open position. The heim joints create just enough resistance that they will not unintentionally swing back closed unless you are parked on a very steep incline. The original design did have a locking spring pin for the open position, but we found it unnecessary and it makes for one more step to close the swing outs. We place a lot of importance on making the swing outs as quick and easy to open as possible – we find that when the swing outs are a hassle to operate, the rear door becomes a lot less useable on a day to day basis. Our design keeps them as fast and easy as possible to open and close, keeping your rear hatch as accessible as possible. If required, we still can include the extra locking pin and the associated brackets to make the swing outs lock in the open position for an $30 extra per swing out (Please leave a comment on your order and we will reach out to you to get that added).
When placing your order, please enter your vehicle year and model into the notes section so we can customize the swing outs to suit your wheel lug pattern and vehicle width. 

•DIY Weld-together kit – The swing outs arrive as precision CNC-laser cut pieces that you then weld together (all hardware and detailed assembly instructions included)

•CNC-bent parts greatly reduces amount of welding and grinding required by you and makes for a cleaner finished product

•Stainless steel and high quality plated steel parts provide excellent corrosion resistance in heavy salt environments.

•Massive 3/8″ thick steel hinge brackets are cut and bent in-house and are the strongest hinge brackets on the market as far as we know.

• Heavy duty steel construction made of 3/16″ plate and 1/8″ wall square and rectangular tubing

• Adjustable dual heim joint hinges provide smooth operation and a stiff mounting interface for the carrier arms. We use the strongest chromoly heim joints we could possibly find!

• 2000lbs toggle latch and durable UHMW catch pad provide secure, rattle-free operation with no metal on metal contact

• Gusseted spare tire mount comes pre-drilled with lug mounting pattern of your choice and can easily support a tire up to 37″

• Hilift/tool mounts comes precut with various mounting options

• Single swing out tire carrier includes tire and hilift/tool mounts

• Optional dual swing out tire carrier also includes pad lockable dual 20L NATO gas can holder (gas cans not included)

•Custom Attachments available! Send us an email for customization enquires.

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Swing Out Tire Carrier

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Bumper assembly

As for welding, with everything designed using CAD software and then CNC laser-cut to size, the pieces fit together perfectly and this makes for a very simple assembly process. All kits come with detailed instructions with plenty of clearly labelled diagrams that are made using cutting-edge CAD software. This bumper kit is well within the ability of a novice welder and many customers have purchased it as their very first welding project with great results! This is made possible by the clean parts fit-ups and thick material. These are two factors that make welding significantly easier. Welding is one of those skills that is easier to learn than you may think and once you can do it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Alternatively, many individuals buy the kits and then have a local welder assemble it for them. Even in this case, it typically ends up being less expensive than buying a pre-fabricated bumper – especially after considering the lower shipping costs of our kits vs. fully assembled bumpers.


Forget the outrageous lead times of many bumper options that are measured in months. All of our bumper kits ship within 3-10 business days with 2-day shipping


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Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.
(The 4th gen 4runner is shown, but the build process is nearly identical to this bumper).

Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.

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