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Our much anticipated swing out bike rack attachment is finally available! This bike rack fits 2 bikes (including E-bikes!) and bolts onto all of our current and past dual swing out bumpers dating back to 2017. It uses the same bolt pattern as our gas can holder and other available swing out attachments. The idea with this bike rack was a fast, modular approach. Going mountain biking for the day? Simply unbolt the gas can holder from your swing out and attach the bike rack in its place. There is no need to make any adjustments to your swing outs or remove any other parts from your bumper.

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Important Note: This Bike Rack Attachment requires our dual swing as a base to mount to. The swing outs can be ordered on their own here: https://www.coastaloffroad.com/product-page/swing-out-carrier-systems/

Like our other products, this bike rack is a DIY weld-together kit that arrives in CNC cut and bent pieces that you then weld together. Simply line them up as per the provided instructions, weld them together, and install them on your swing out. To make it easy, the provided instructions contain a detailed step by step guide, extra tips and recommendations, and tons of diagrams and pictures. This is a project that is suitable for a beginner welder and saves you a chunk of money over the other pre-fabricated bike racks on the market.

While this rack also works great for everyday bike transportation and accessing trails from the pavement, where it really shines is when shuttling downhill bikes up the mountain on rough roads. For these riders, its common knowledge that their bikes will often sustain the most damage from bouncing around on a poorly made bike rack or thrown over a tailgate. Not from actually riding their bike! Over the last 3 years, we have taken feedback from some of the hardest riders in British Columbia and gone through countless design iterations to ensure this rack could withstand everything they could throw at it. These are riders who have tried just about every bike rack on the market, with very few being able to stand up to their needs. Either the bike rack will eventually fail, or even worse, cause significant damage to their bikes due to excessive rack movement and rubbing between the bikes and rack. The design of our bike rack minimizes that movement and allows you to adjust the space between each bike to help ensure they aren’t hitting each other while driving up unmaintained roads. We have also incorporated a huge amount of vertical height and front to back angle adjustment into this rack. This allows you to set the bike rack high and tight to the vehicle to maximize clearance for crossing water bar crossings or other obstacles. Or, you can set the bike rack lower to make it easier to load for shorter riders.

And now to mention the best feature of all. If you have used a bike rack during your lifetime, you’ve likely experienced how cumbersome it then becomes to access the trunk or tailgate of your vehicle. With the bike racks on the market that swing down towards the ground, you may be able to just barely open your rear hatch or tailgate and squeeze yourself around the bike rack to access your vehicle’s trunk/bed, but are still left with a bike rack that is still very much in the way! Not to mention, a bike rack loaded up with bikes (Or even heavier – E-bikes!) becomes heavy and even dangerous to swing down and then swing back up again. Our bike rack solves this problem. By bolting directly to our rear bumper swing out, this bike rack swings out to the side for true, unencumbered access to the rear of your vehicle. This side-swing functionality does not require any lifting and is effortless to operate for a single person, even when loaded down with bikes.

We are beyond stoked to finally offer this bike rack kit to the masses! Our hope is that you are just as stoked on the places you can access with this rack. We are currently gauging interest in hitch-mounted swing out bike rack versions that do not require our swing out bumpers. This means a side-swinging bike rack that plugs right into the 2″ hitch receiver on any vehicle. Please DM us on social media or send us an email if a hitch-mounted swing out bike rack kit is of interest you

Product Features:

• DIY Weld-together rock slider kit that arrives in CNC-laser cut and bent pieces that you then weld together – everything you need for assembly and installation included
•Compatible with all of our current and past dual swing out rear bumpers dating right back to 2017
•Overbuilt as hell and holds the weight of two E-Mountain bikes with ease
•Fits all wheel sizes and tire widths up to 3.5″
•Specifically designed and tested to minimize bike damage, an all-too-common problem for those who transport bikes on rough roads
•Swings out of the way for full, unobstructed access to the rear of your vehicle
•12″ (30cm) of vertical height adjustment and 35 degrees of angle adjustment to fit any vehicle configuration and maximize offroad ground clearance underneath the bikes


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Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.
(The 4th gen 4runner is shown, but the build process is nearly identical to this bumper).

Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.

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