2007-2021 Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser Front Suspension Bumpstop Spacer Kit


This is a set (left and right) of front suspension bumpstop spacer plates that fits the 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra, 2008-2021 Toyota Sequoia and 2008-2021 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. These small spacers are designed to allow you to run 37" tires without needing to trim the vehicle's outer fenders or remove the inner fender liners.

Bumpstop spacers are spacers that you add between your suspension bumpstops and the vehicle frame. These spacers lower your bumpstops so that your suspension will bottom out sooner. Normally, we are against limiting suspension travel for the sake of reduced tire rub and we even wrote a whole article that is based around clearing big tires throughout the suspension’s entire travel range. HOWEVER, in the case of running 37” tires on the Tundra, we make an exception by adding some tiny bump stop spacers and here is why: With a 37” tire jacked up to full compression using the method given in our article, the tire will not hit the top of the fender but it will be within a couple millimeters of it. But when we are out in the wilderness and encounter a hard suspension bottom-out situation, such as bumping a ledge obstacle to get up it or hitting an unexpectedly big dip on an FSR a little too fast, the suspension will compress (just as we simulated in the shop) plus there will also be flex in the vehicle chassis, body mounts, suspension bushings, etc that will result in the tires compressing a little bit further than what we can replicate in the shop. For this reason, its important to ensure that we give the tires at least an extra ½” of space to account for the additional flex and movement that occurs within the vehicle during a hard bottom out situation. Our solution is to add a 3/16” thick front bumpstop spacer and a ¼” thick rear bumpstop spacer. Due to the relationships between the suspension pivot points, bumpstop locations, and tire location, this will result in a wheel travel reduction of just about ½” which is perfect. So yes, you will theoretically lose ½” of wheel travel, but this is wheel travel at the very end of the travel range that will only be reached during hard bottom-out situations. If you’d prefer to avoid the bumpstop spacers when running 37" tires, the alternative is to cut and re-seal the vehicle’s outer fenders and remove the inner fender liners altogether. This adds a lot of work to the overall procedure, as well as visible cutting and modifications to the vehicle’s outer fenders that risks premature rusting if not sealed properly. If you are running a long travel kit, this effort is worth it. However, if you are running stock lower control arms with a typical lift or “mid travel” kit, you will not lose any real suspension performance by limiting that last ½” of fender-crunching wheel travel. Check out our very thorough article that shows how to install these plates as well as covering every detail required to fit 37" tires on your 2007+ Tundra, Sequoia or Land Cruiser. That article can be found here.


•CNC Laser cut 5052 aluminum plates space your factory bumpstops down just enough to ensure that 37″ tires will not contact the vehicle fenders during hard offroad compressions

•Limits the last 1/2″ of front wheel travel, removing the need to trim your outer fenders and remove your inner fender liners when fitting 37″ tires.

•Fits 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra, 2008-2021 Toyota Sequoia and 2008-2021 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

•Aluminum finish looks great and will not rust

•Very easy installation: simply unbolt your factory bumpstops, slide these spaces over your factory bumpstop studs, and reinstall your bumpstops.

•Sold as a complete left and right set. Each kit consists of two 1/4″ thick spacers and two 3/16″ thick spacers to correctly account for the difference between the front and rear bumpstop locations.

Check out our comprehensive article that covers the installation of these plates as well as every detail required for fitting 37″ tires.

Kickout Rock Slider weight

Slider Weight: 41lbs each (82lbs for the set)


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