2004-2015 Nissan Titan Front Bumper Kit

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This is a high clearance DIY weld-together bumper kit for the 1st generation (2004-2015) Nissan Titan. It features a low profile design, fully bolt-on construction, protected winch mount and the best approach angle on the market. The high clearance design makes your Titan look more aggressive by showing off your front suspension and tires. In addition, this bumper frees up a ton of space in your front wheel wells and allows you to run 37" tires without any bumper interference. This bumper allows you to forget about approach angle and substantially improves the offroad capability of your Titan. It offers excellent protection from rocks, trees and animal strikes and has been kept to a very reasonable weight of 115lbs (or 57lbs in aluminum) through careful design work. This means less stress on your suspension and drivetrain components.

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This bumper uses a total of 14 mounting points to solidly mount it to the frame and includes weight distributing frame brackets. This mounting system distributes impact and winching forces evenly across your frame and makes for the stiffest mounting interface of any bumper on the market. This bumper also uses a low profile design that tucks tightly to the body and slopes up directly from the end of the frame. This results in maximum ground clearance and approach angles that will let you take lines on the trail that weren’t previously possible.

This bumper is also available with an optional lower skid plate that protects your vulnerable radiator and engine bay parts and provides even more additional ground clearance. It has CNC cut outs that improve airflow to the radiator as well as raised sides that stiffen the skid plate and prevent debris from entering the engine bay from the sides.

2013-2015 Models: For the 2013-2015 model years of the Titan, Nissan excluded the frame nuts welded into the front of the frame rails. If you select the 2013-2015 model year option, a pair of weld-in frame plates will be included with your bumper kit. These will need to be welded onto the vehicle’s frame to provide proper winching strength. Alternatively, lag bolts and plates can be inserted into the frame and used instead if you prefer not to modify your frame.

•DIY Weld-together kit – This bumper arrives as precision CNC-laser cut pieces that you then weld together (detailed assembly instructions included)

•Low profile design is engineered to provide maximum ground clearance and complement the factory body lines

•Heavy duty 3/16″ plate steel construction for maximum offroad strength and durability

•Optional 1/4″ 5052 aluminum for a lightweight yet very durable overlanding setup (73lb weight savings)

•Bolts directly to frame using a total of 14 factory mounting points

•Included weight distribution brackets direct winch and impact forces evenly into the frame.

•Protected winch mount fits all 8000-10,000lb winches with removable solenoids (Also fits some 12,000lb models)

•Integrated 3/8″ thick clevis mounts maximize clearance and allow the use of ¾” D-Rings

•Integrated LED pod mounts – slotted mounting tabs give adjustment to fit a variety of lights

•Integrated license plate mount

•Optional heavy duty grill and headlight tubing for added protection

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Body Lift Adjustment (NOT suspension lift)




Engine/Radiator Skid Plate


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Bumper assembly

As for welding, with everything designed using CAD software and then CNC laser-cut to size, the pieces fit together perfectly and this makes for a very simple assembly process. All kits come with detailed instructions with plenty of clearly labelled diagrams that are made using cutting-edge CAD software. This bumper kit is well within the ability of a novice welder and many customers have purchased it as their very first welding project with great results! This is made possible by the clean parts fit-ups and thick material. These are two factors that make welding significantly easier. Welding is one of those skills that is easier to learn than you may think and once you can do it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Alternatively, many individuals buy the kits and then have a local welder assemble it for them. Even in this case, it typically ends up being less expensive than buying a pre-fabricated bumper – especially after considering the lower shipping costs of our kits vs. fully assembled bumpers.

Bumper weight

Steel base bumper weight: 115lbs
Aluminum base bumper weight: 57 lbs

Optional steel skid plate weight: 28 lbs
Optional aluminum skid plate weight: 13 lbs


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