2003-2023 Toyota 4Runner / Hilux Surf Kickout Rock Slider Weld-Together Kit (Bolt on)

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This is a DIY weld-together rock slider kit for the 2003-2023 (4th and 5th gen) Toyota 4Runner.  While the sliders are a weld-together kit, they bolt on to your vehicle frame using existing factory holes so absolutely no welding, drilling or cutting of the actual vehicle is required! And, they are compatible with KDSS vehicles! We specifically designed these sliders to be a modification-free installation so they can be removed from the vehicle without leaving a trace that they were ever there. However, don’t think for a second that this means the sliders aren’t built for heavy offroad hits. These sliders bolt directly to your Toyota 4Runner's frame using heavy duty 3/16" steel mounting plates that make use of as many factory frame holes as we possible could. We also use heavy gauge square tube inner rails and the largest reinforcing gussets that we could fit under there.


These aren’t your average round tube sliders. The inner rails and mounting legs are made from 2×2″ heavy wall square tubing and finished with large 3/16″ thick CNC-cut frame mounting plates and gussets that ensure these sliders will stand up to the harshest abuse you can throw at them. We laser cut the frame mounting brackets in-house, with each bracket custom tailored to the 4Runner’s passenger and driver side frame profile at each mounting point. This allows us to mount these sliders to the truck using all factory holes in the 4Runner’s frame. No frame drilling, welding or modification is required (Although 2 additional optional holes are pre-cut into the passenger side mounting plate for hard offroad use). Our frame mounting brackets wrap around the outer and bottom faces of the frame, and then we run bolts through the frame and into nuts that get secured on the backside. This means that in order for these rock sliders to fail, you would have to simultaneously snap the heads off the bolts and deform the 3/16″ thick steel brackets enough to lift away from your frame! You can rest assured that these sliders will hold up to whatever trail hits you can throw at them.

This mounting design also ensures that those big trail impacts will get spread out over a large area of your truck’s frame. The massive CNC cut gussets bridge the angle between the mounting legs and mounting plates (the highest stress areas in the entire slider) and create super stiff sliders that will not bend or flex excessively under the most extreme conditions! As a nice finishing touch, the ends of the square main rails are tapered at a 45 degree angle to ensure that they will not become battering rams if faced with a rock or stump.

These sliders come in pieces that are pre-bent and pre-cut. Simply line them up as per the provided assembly directions and diagrams, weld them together, and install them on your truck.  To make it even easier, the directions contain detailed step by step instructions that are accompanied by tons of diagrams and pictures. The 6 (3 per side) mounting legs ship over-length so the sliders can be positioned at your preferred angle and distance from the vehicle. Angle them up tight to the rocker panels for maximum ground clearance or set them level to provide a convenient step to access your roof rack. The pictured sliders are set at a 10 degree angle to provide a happy medium.

• DIY Weld-together rock slider kit that arrives in CNC-laser cut and bent pieces that you then weld together – everything you need for assembly and installation included

•NO Drilling, cutting or welding of the actual vehicle required – these bolt-on sliders can be removed from your 4Runner without a trace that they were ever installed (2 additional optional holes are pre-cut into the passenger side mounting plate for hard offroad use)

• Detailed instructions and diagrams – the step by step directions and many diagrams make these a perfect first welding project

•Fits Toyota 4Runner Models from 2003-2023 (4th and 5th generation)

•Fits KDSS-equipped models and includes clear instructions for accommodating the KDSS components

• CNC-cut step plates look great, protect your rocker panels from rock debris spray and provide a convenient step to access your roof rack or open your roof top tent

•68″  slider length provide full wheel well to wheel well protection

• 2×2 3/16″ wall square tubing inner rails and mounting legs provide excellent foundational support compared to lesser round tube sliders

• Massive 3/16″ thick frame mounting plates and gussets distribute forces evenly into your vehicle frame to prevent frame damage

•Hilift jack can be used anywhere along the slider length to lift the vehicle

• 45 degree tapered inner rails to glance off obstacles

• Sold in pairs

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Kickout Rock Slider weight

Slider Weight: 41lbs each (82lbs for the set)


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