1st Gen Tacoma Kickout Rock Slider Weld-Together Kit


This is a DIY weld-together rock slider kit for the 1st gen tacoma. These aren't generic round tube sliders that are prone to excessive flex and damaging the vehicle they are supposed to protect. The heavy duty square inner rails, laser CNC-cut step plates and tapered ends really set these sliders apart. The inner rails and mounting legs are made from 2x2" square tubing and finished with massive CNC-cut frame mounting plates and gussets that ensure these sliders will stand up to the harshest abuse you can throw at them.

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Some sliders use skimpy round tubing mounting legs that weld directly to the side of the thin factory frame rails. These can dent the frame rails over time and even punch right through them under hard hits. With this kit, the provided frame plates spread impact loads evenly over your frame rails and provide a huge amount of surface area to place your welds. The massive CNC cut gussets bridge the angle between the mounting legs and mounting plates (the highest stress areas in the entire slider) and create super stiff sliders that will not bend or flex excessively under the most extreme conditions! As a nice finishing touch, the ends of the square main rails are tapered at a 45 degree angle to ensure that they will not become battering rams if faced with a rock or stump.

These sliders come in pieces that are pre-bent and pre-cut. Simply line them up as per the provided assembly directions and diagrams, weld them together, and install them on your truck. Simply put, these sliders make for a perfect first-time welding project! To make it even easier, the kits ship with clear and detailed step by step directions that are accompanied by professional CAD diagrams. The 8 (4 per side) mounting legs ship over-length so the sliders can be positioned at your preferred angle and distance from the vehicle. Angle them up tight to the rocker panels for maximum ground clearance or set them level to provide a convenient step to access your roof rack.

• DIY Weld-together rock slider kit that arrives in CNC-laser cut and bent pieces that you then weld together – everything you need for assembly and installation included

• Detailed instructions and diagrams – the step by step directions and professionally made diagrams make these a perfect first welding project

• CNC-cut step plates look great, protect your rocker panels from rock debris spray and provide a convenient step to access the cabin, roof rack and/or pickup bed

•84″ Length provides wheel well to wheel well protection for your Xtra cab or Double cab Tacoma (for regular cab Tacomas, use our 65″ Kickout Rock slider kit: https://www.coastaloffroad.com/product-page/65-weld-on-rock-slider-kit/)

• 2×2 1/8″ wall square tubing inner rails and mounting legs provide excellent foundational support compared to lesser round tube sliders

• Massive 3/16″ steel frame mounting plates and gussets distribute forces evenly into your vehicle frame to prevent frame damage

•Hilift jack can be used anywhere along the slider length to lift the vehicle

• 45 degree tapered inner rails to glance off obstacles

• Sold in pairs

Kickout Rock Slider weight

Slider Weight: 41lbs each (82lbs for the set)


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Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.
(The 4th gen 4runner is shown, but the build process is nearly identical to this bumper).

Wondering what is involved in assembling and welding this bumper kit?

Watch the video below to see 4th Gen 4Runner Owner Garrett Logan run through the process and gives his thoughts along the way.

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