100 Series Land Cruiser Skid Plate Kit

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This is a drivetrain skid plate DIY weld-together kit for the 100 Series (1998-2007) Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX470. This 3-piece set mounts using all factory mounting points and provides excellent protection of the radiator, front differential, engine oil pan, steering rack, transmission and transfer case. The angled front plate tucks in as close to the frame as possible to maximize ground clearance and provide the best approach angle of any skid plate set on the market. We've used a boxed-in dual-wall construction at the highest impact area of the skid plate set as well as multiple ribs that run the length of the skid set. These features make these skid plates drastically stronger than other skid plates on the market which are simply bent into shape with little to no reinforcements and inadequate mounts.

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When designing this DIY weld-together skid plate set, we set out to strike the optimum balance of protection, ground clearance and weight. While this skid plate set provides total protection of the engine and drivetrain components, it at the same time avoids covering any areas that are unnecessary. This minimizes the size of the low-points that the skid plates create as well as keeps the weight as low as possible. In fact, this entire set weighs 106lbs in 3/16″ steel or 52lbs in 1/4″ aluminum, which helps preserve your vehicles payload capacity and fuel economy. This is especially noteworthy when you consider the amount of reinforcements we’ve used in the high impact areas of this skid plate set. This DIY weld together kit uses precise laser cut parts that are slotted and tabbed for guaranteed fitment and no measuring or guesswork. The detailed instructions guide you through the installation process step by step and make this a very suitable first welding project.

Starting at the front edge of the engine skid plate, we mount this plate to the factory crossmember and main frame rails using 9 mounting points. While this is totally overkill, it ensures impact forces are distributed evenly over your Land Cruiser’s frame and gives extra mounting options in case some of your factory mounting points are rusted or otherwise damaged.  Moving to the front bottom edge of the engine skid, this is by far the area that sees the hardest and most frequent impacts on the trail. To account for this, we integrated a double-wall reinforcement box that rests against a large surface area of the vehicle’s frame and is mounted using 2 large thru-bolts and a provided nut plate to make installation easier. This makes this area of the skid plate nearly indestructible and will distribute those hard trail impacts over as large of a section of the vehicle’s frame as possible. At the rear edge of the engine skid plate, we use 2 more large thru-bolts and a nut plate to mount it to the front differential crossmember. This skid plate set is also provided with spacers that make it compatible with factory and aftermarket differential drop crossmembers.

For the transmission skid plate, we use three large vertical ribs that span the length between the differential and transmission crossmembers. These ribs fit tightly between the frame crossmembers, eliminating any weak points where the skid plate will bend under a hard impact. The fitment and size of these reinforcing ribs makes this skid plate extremely stiff with minimal weight gain over a simple flat skid plate. While the 4 bolt heads on the bottom of this skid plate are exposed, all of these mounting points use long thru-bolts that thread into nuts placed on the topside of each frame crossmember. This means that any damaged bolt heads can still be easily removed via the nuts on top, which are very well protected and out of harms way. We prefer this solution over bolt protection rings welded to the bottom side of the skid plate like some other skid plate sets use. These protection rings increase the size of the low hang-up points and often end up getting smooshed against the bolt heads anyways in the event of hard trail impacts! As an added feature, this skid plate is cut with drain holes for easy engine oil and transmission fluid changes.

The 3rd skid plate in this 3-piece set is the transfer case skid plate. This skid plate mounts to the factory frame crossmember as well as the passenger side main frame rail using the provided round tubing crossmember. This skid plate is offset to the passenger side to reduce its footprint under the vehicle, minimizing additional weight and unnecessary ground clearance losses. Like the transmission skid plate, the transfer case skid plate has reinforcing ribs that fit tight between the crossmembers for a very stiff skid plate that will hold up under the weight of a heavily loaded 100-Series Land Cruiser.

DIY Weld-together kit – This skid plate set arrives as precision CNC-laser cut pieces that you then weld together (detailed assembly instructions included). All plates are slotted and tabbed for guaranteed fitment and no guesswork.

•Heavy duty 3/16″ plate steel construction for maximum offroad strength and durability

•Optional 1/4″ 5052 aluminum construction for a lightweight yet very durable overlanding setup (54lb weight savings)

•3-Piece Set provides excellent protection of the radiator, front differential, engine oil pan, steering rack, transmission and transfer case.

•Engine skid plate bolts directly to frame using 13 factory mounting points

•Transmission skid plate bolts directly to frame using 4 factory mounting points

•Transfer Case skid plate bolts directly to frame using 8 factory mounting points and provided crossmember

•Drain holes allow for engine oil and transmission fluid changes without skid plate removal

•All kits ship as clean, bare metal that is ready to weld out of the box – the Nitrogen laser cutting technology means no cutting edge oxidation and thus easier and stronger welds

•Mounting spacers provided to fit with or without differential drop kits


3/16″ steel: 106lbs

1/8″ steel: 71lbs (Not Available Currently)

1/4 aluminum: 52lbs

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