All Coastal Offroad bumper kits are cut using a state of the art TruLaser 2030 fiber laser cutter. This 4000W machine can easily burn through 1” thick plate steel and gives excellent dimensional tolerances, clean cut edges free of slag or burs, and no cutting edge oxidization. The automation and high output of this machine also means that we can keep your order wait time to a minimum – even during peak times of year.

Traditionally, the plasma cutter has been the weapon of choice for CNC-cutting plate steel. This technology has several drawbacks. Firstly, it is often not possible to achieve a vertical cut angle. This means that while a ½” hole may be ½” in diameter at the top surface of the material, it will taper down to a smaller hole size by the time the cutter penetrates the full thickness of the material. This results in less-than-ideal mounting hole tolerances and the designer must either oversize the holes or perform post-processing to achieve acceptable mounting holes and cut edges.

The second drawback is the bur or high spot created every time the plasma cutter starts and ends a cut path. This is especially noticeable on smaller mounting holes in the M6-M10 range, where each hole will have a pronounced bump at one point in its diameter. With the TruLaser 2030, you can rest assured that all mounting holes will be true to size and this provides effortless mount-ups on your vehicle every time. The third drawback of the plasma cutter is the slag it leaves behind on the cut edges. This then requires manual cleaning of every cut edge, introducing human error and thus less consistent edges, especially in tight areas and around small holes.

The water jet table has been another staple in CNC cutting and manufacturing. While water jet tables do provide good accuracy and clean cut edges, this process introduces the material to a pressurized water stream which will immediately begin rusting your bumper parts! This would mean that upon receiving your parts, they would need to be sandblasted or cleaned manually with a sanding disk to expose the clean metal before welding. With the TruLaser2030, no surface oxidization occurs due to the use of an inert Nitrogen gas that surrounds the metal during cutting.  Your bumper kit will arrive ready to weld with no prep required. When ordering your Coastal Offroad bumper kit, you can rest assured that you will receive parts with near-perfect dimensional precision, consistent mounting holes and clean edges that
are ready to weld. This means an easy, hassle-free assembly process and the end result of a much cleaner bumper that you can proudly say that you built yourself.