Clearing 37” Tires on a Toyota Tundra at any ride height

Several years back, I wrote an article on clearing 35” tires on a 3rd generation (1998) Toyota 4Runner. At that time, Toyotas running 35” tires without the use of a huge lift were relatively uncommon. However fast forward to today and the scene has progressed hugely, both in terms of the range of aftermarket parts available and how much cutting and permanent modifications the average enthusiast is willing to do. It’s now pretty common for 35” tires and a 2-3” lift to be the go-to build on 4Runners, Tacomas and GX’s. The next logical step is 37” tires. While I will be doing an article on clearing 37” tires on a GX470 (which will also apply to the 4Runner and Tacoma) later this year, today’s article is about how to clear 37” tires on the 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra.

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Toyota 3rd gen 4runner

Choosing a Winch for Your Offroad Truck

A winch is one of the most important pieces of recovery gear you can have when taking your offroad truck to the trails. This is especially true if you like to drive in unpredictable conditions such as mud and snow where it’s easy to get stuck even when you are not looking for trouble! We’ve gathered some advice to help you choose a winch for your truck.

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Do you need a Skid Plate?

As an off-roader, you likely already know what a skid plate is – a simple plate placed underneath the vehicle for added protection. However, not all skid plates are made equal. Skid plates are more important than you may realize, especially for rocky offroading trails. Trails are unpredictable and all it takes is one unexpected hit to do some expensive damage and potentially leave you stranded.

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Coastal Offroad Epic Overland Expedition

An Epic Overland Expedition in Western Canada

At Coastal Offroad, we understand the importance of off road expedition style driving to our customers’ lives. It’s hard to beat the memories of exploring incredible locations with great people. We love hearing about the adventures that our customers are able to experience with our products and wanted to share some of our favourites with you. To start, we’ll give you a glimpse of Samson Tan and his trip across Canada in 2020.

Their Toyota FJ Cruiser equipped with a Coastal Offroad high-clearance bumper took them to some truly breathtaking spots that he masterfully captured in the video below. Be sure to give it a watch, as the cinematography is truly next level!

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What Are the Essential Off Road Equipment

What Are the Off-road Equipment Essentials when you’re on the Trails?

Off-roading is a great way to get out and explore new places, but its important to have the proper gear on hand. Without the essential items, you could get stranded in a remote area with no way to get help. Going unprepared can also result in very avoidable damage to your 4WD, leading to expensive repairs. While there is a seemingly endless selection of gear on the market to take with you on your off-roading adventures, some are much more important than others. Based on our off-roading experience and input from our customers, we compiled a list of the most important off-road gear you don’t want to hit the trail without.

Please Note that this article focuses on 4×4-specific essentials. Always carry a first aid kit, extra food, water and clothing and leave a trip plan with a trusted person before heading into the back country for any activity.

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The 10 Best Off Road Winter Driving Trails in United-States

10 Best Off-Road Winter Driving Trails in the United States

The United States is just a short drive away and well worth the distance if you want to go on an off-road adventure once you have exhausted all the options closer to home. Once you install your 4×4 off-road equipment, you will have dozens of trails to choose from, even in the height of winter. Most of the off-road winter driving trails on this list are also open in the summer, and visiting them during a different season can give you a unique perspective. Yet others are in more temperate climates, giving you a fall-like experience even in the height of winter.

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The 10 Best Off Road Winter Driving Trails in Canada

10 Best Off-Road Winter Driving Trails in Canada

When you have custom off-road equipment installed on your 4×4, you want to put it to the test. You’re in luck, as Canada has plenty of off-road driving trails for you to enjoy, many of which are also plenty of fun in the winter. Many of the trails are worth visiting in the winter and then again when it warms up, so you can experience two different environments on your adventures. If you aren’t sure which Canadian trail to hit with your truck and off-road 4×4 equipment, choose one from this list.

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Clearing 35” Tires at any Ride Height

As the 4×4 world progresses, people are moving away from the sky high lifted trucks of old in favour of rigs that are low slung with an emphasis on stability. However, there still exists a common misconception that a tall truck equals a capable off road truck. While 3 foot high door sills may benefit you in some trail scenarios, a low slung truck that is properly built can go anywhere it’s taller counterparts can – and then some. So, why doesn’t everyone build a low rider on big tires you may ask? Well, the answer is tire clearance.

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