Why the 4th Gen 4Runner is an Amazing Bargain

As you may or may not know, Toyota trucks have used the same general build architecture since the introduction of the 4th generation 4Runner in 2003. This means that whether you purchase a 16 year old used truck off of Craigslist or a brand new 2019 TRD Pro off the lot, you are getting a truck with a frame, suspension and drivetrain that is nearly identical! Yes, the engine, interior and body style has undergone a few design iterations since. However, as a functional offroad or overland rig, there has not been a ton of change. This goes to show how good the underpinnings of the 4th generation 4Runner truly are and despite it being a 16 year old platform, it still holds its own as a very modern vehicle that is both comfortable and rugged.

And the best part: these are extremely plentiful on the used market and can now be picked up for around $5,000 in most states, with mint condition examples still coming in at under $10,000. And unlike many other vehicle makes where purchasing a 16 year old vehicle can feel like a dice roll due to their lack of reliability (especially when you’re relying on it to get you out into the backcountry and then home safely), the 4th gen 4Runner has proven that the famed Toyota reliability is still very much alive and well. Even an example with over 200k miles is likely to provide you with years of trouble-free ownership. Some of its other selling points include the optional V8 engine and the exceptional ATRAC offroad traction control system that gives you near-locker offroad performance without shelling out the huge cost for aftermarket differential lockers.

With no modifications other than some offroad tires and Coastal Offroad high clearance armor, you can have a cost-effective offroad vehicle that is sure to impress both on and off the trail for years to come.

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