What Are the Off-road Equipment Essentials when you’re on the Trails?

What Are the Essential Off Road Equipment

Off-roading is a great way to get out and explore new places, but its important to have the proper gear on hand. Without the essential items, you could get stranded in a remote area with no way to get help. Going unprepared can also result in very avoidable damage to your 4WD, leading to expensive repairs. While there is a seemingly endless selection of gear on the market to take with you on your off-roading adventures, some are much more important than others. Based on our off-roading experience and input from our customers, we compiled a list of the most important off-road gear you don’t want to hit the trail without.

Please Note that this article focuses on 4×4-specific essentials. Always carry a first aid kit, extra food, water and clothing and leave a trip plan with a trusted person before heading into the back country for any activity.